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Facts of interest

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The Balearic Islands (in Catalan: 'Illes Balears') are an archipelago in the western Mediterranean Sea, near the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula. They form one of the Autonomous Communities of Spain, the Balearic Islands. The Community's capital is the city of 'Palma de Mallorca'.


The name Balearic, does not lead itself as for a long time accepted to the Greek, but to the Punic language. The word comes of "ba'lé yaroh, ba'lé meant as much as: "those who exercise an occupation" and yaroh meant: "throwing stones". If you put those words together it means as much as: the master of the slingers.

Official language

Catalan and Spanish.
Es Vedra


Only five Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera) of the total of 151 islands are inhabited.

Highest elevation

The highest point of the Balearic Islands is the Puig Major on Mallorca, with an altitude of 1432 metres above sea level.


Population in 2005: Majorca 777.821, Ibiza 111.107, MMinorca (Menorca)86.697, Formentera 7.506.


As in the rest of Spain, the official currency is the Euro.
There are coins of: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents, and coins of 1 and 2 Euros.
There are notes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 y 500.

ATTENTION! Any amount in excess of 6.011 Euros that enters or leaves the Spanish territory must be declared.
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How much? Leaving a small tip is customary, although the amount is up to you. Usually in between 5 - 10 % of the total amount.
Where? In bars, restaurants and hotels.

Opening hours

Business hours: Normal business hours are from 09.30 to 13.30 hrs. and from 17.00 to 20.00 hrs. However, supermarkets and department stores are generally open from 9.30 to 21.00 hrs. These shopping centres are also open on certain public holidays.

Entertainment Centres: Bars, pubs and discos are generally open almost all week until 03.00 or 4.00 hrs. in the morning and, at weekends, until the early hours of the morning.

Public holidays

1st January
6th January
Maundy Thursday
Good Friday
Easter Monday
1st May: Labour Day
15th August: Lady Day
12th October: Virgen del Pilar, Patron Saint of Spain
1st November: All Saints Day
6th December: Spanish Constitution Day
8th December: Immaculate Conception
24th December: Christmas Eve
25th December: Christmas Day
26th December: St. Stephen's Day

The number of bank holidays and fiestas is decided on each year, although this list may change slightly. Furthermore, each place has its own patron saint┐s day. Please consult the Tourism Office.


In the case of an emergency, call 112 and the Balearic Emergencie Services will attend you in English, Catalan, Spanish or German.
This Service co-ordinates all calls for ambulances, fire brigade and security forces through this telephone number to provide a rapid and effective response.


Hospital Universitari Son Dureta - Andrea Doria, 55 - Palma - Tel: 971-17.50.00 -
Hospital Verge del Toro - C/ Barcelona, 3 - Maó - Tel: 971-15.77.00 -
Hospital Can Misses - C/ Corona s/n - Eivissa - Tel: 971-39.70.00 -

Family pets

Those who wish to visit the Balearic Islands with their pets, must check before hand to see whether pets are permitted in the accommodations establishments they have chosen and the requirements they must comply with to enter Spain. Furthermore, breeds considered dangerous must travel with a certificate. In any case, the general and specific norms on the use of leashes, muzzles and other applicable laws must be observed. In general, pets are not allowed in bars, restaurants, markets and public transport, except guide dogs. For further information, please consult the Tourism Office.

Adopt an animal

The teams of Hundehilfe Mallorca e.V., Luftbrücke für Hunde and F.A.A.M have set themselfs one goal: saving street dogs on the Balearic Islands to release them for adoption in the islands and the rest of Europe.


Electricity is, in general, of 220 V.


Gas Stations sell unleaded fuel (95/98) and Diesel.